Cryopeak has a strong track record of creating value of our customers applying our LNG expertise across multiple high horsepower industries. Our customer centric approach to your projects ensures a high quality customer service experience.

Customer Project Spotlight: Shell Canada Carmen Creek, Alberta – Heat for 1200 person construction camp.

Cryopeak permitted, designed, and engineered a mobile regas solution for natural gas supply for heating, cooking and hot water. Shell decided to award this contract to Cryopeak after experiencing the competency and reliability of Cryopeak in a previous project. This project was critical in terms of ensuring supply for the camp with a large number of construction workers being housed locally at site. Cryopeak fully supported local contractors to support the project and provided complete training so that they were competent in operating the system as well as more detailed training so that the contractors could respond to any technical related issues.

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