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About Us

Cryopeak is a customer centric regional LNG provider with safety and reliability as core values.

Cryopeak’s LNG Virtual Pipeline services include LNG procurement, LNG transportation and LNG onsite equipment and support. Cryopeak is ISO 9001 certified, is a member of the Z276 technical committee and has an approved Emergency Response Action Plan (ERAP) under Transport Canada.

Cryopeak Head Office

Location: Richmond, BC

The western office serves customers in western US and Canada and is the administrative HQ for Cryopeak


LNG for Mine Power
LNG to displace diesel
LNG for Utility Pipeline
LNG for processing plant

Your Team

Developing a comprehensive fuel plan using LNG requires careful consideration and expertise in many areas including LNG equipment operation, engineering, permitting, materials management, and transportation. Cryopeak’s team of experts include highly experienced engineers, qualified technicians, experienced project managers, and logistics managers will help you lead your project from design through to operations.

Quality and Safety

ISO Certification

Cryopeak’s highest value is safety and takes a risk based approach. Safety is engineered into each of Cryopeak’s solutions to promote safe operation of LNG equipment. Cryopeak’s safety management system and operations procedures are ISO 9001 certified by the American Bureau of Shipping. Our procedures cover operational manuals specific to each project outlining emergency response and site specific safety management plan.

Happy Customers

Cryopeak News

Cryopeak Energy Solutions Enters Long-Term Agreement with Foran Mining to Provide Low Carbon Fuel for Power Generation


Cryopeak Energy Solutions Corporation (“Cryopeak”) has entered into a long-term agreement with McIlvenna Bay Operating Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Foran Mining Corporation (TSX: FOM) to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) for all power generation requirements during the initial project phase and mine air ventilation to the McIlvenna Bay project located in Northern Saskatchewan. LNG will […]

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Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. jointly-announce a Strategic Merger and the Acquisition of Campus Energy Partners LNG Assets.


Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation and Ferus Natural Gas Fuels Inc. are pleased to announce they have merged forming a new LNG production and distribution technology-focused entity which is now named Cryopeak Energy Solutions Corporation (“Cryopeak”). Cryopeak is also pleased to announce the acquisition of all LNG assets from Campus Energy Partners Infrastructure LP, including the […]

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Cryopeak LNG Solutions Announces New LNG Production Facility in Fort Nelson, BC now in Operation


Marks a major accomplishment in bringing lower cost and a sustainable fuel source to Northern Canada and Alaska. RICHMOND, B.C. — Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation (“Cryopeak”), a Richmond, BC based company, has announced the commencement of operations at its new liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) Production Facility in Fort Nelson, BC. Phase 1 production capacity is 27,000 LNG gallons per day and […]

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Canada’s First LNG Bunker ATB Moves Ahead


The LNG ATB vessel will offer LNG bunkering and small-scale distribution in the North American Pacific Northwest by 2023 While much discussion in North America has centred around the development of LNG bunker barges on the US east coast, British Columbia-based Cryopeak LNG is moving forward with plans for an LNG bunker articulated tug barge (ATB) unit for Canada’s west coast. In December, Cryopeak LNG went […]

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Cryopeak LNG Solutions Signs MOU Sumitomo Corporation


Marks a major accomplishment in LNG bunkering to Western Canada RICHMOND, BC, Sept. 21, 2020 /Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation (“Cryopeak”), a Richmond BC based portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, LLC, and Sumitomo Corporation (“Sumitomo”) proudly announce a signed Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop an LNG bunker- fuels supply chain in North America’s Pacific Northwest ports, such as Vancouver, Fraser River Port, Roberts […]

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Cryopeak LNG Solutions Signs MOU With Island Tug & Barge


Marks a major breakthrough in LNG bunkering to Western Canada RICHMOND, BC, — Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation (“Cryopeak”), a Richmond BC based company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Island Tug & Barge Ltd. (“ITB”), a leading marine bulk fuels transporter, to deliver LNG bunkering services in Southwest British Columbia, Canada. Cryopeak and ITB have developed a design for a 4,000 m3 articulated […]

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