Cryopeak is a customer centric LNG solutions company providing safe and reliable LNG Virtual Pipeline services including LNG procurement, LNG transportation and LNG onsite equipment and support. Cryopeak is ISO 9001 certified, is a member of the Z276 technical committee and has an approved Emergency Response Action Plan (ERAP) under Transport Canada.

Our Mission

Cryopeak’s mission is to be the leading regional LNG (gas) provider in North America, providing LNG, related equipment and services focused on our customer’s needs. Cryopeak has the expertise and track record to ensure the right decisions are made and a successful transition to natural gas is achieved!

Our Culture

Cryopeak’s has a culture of safety, performance and continuous Improvement. This culture through a risk based approach to our operations which is supported with policies and procedures that design safety and performance into our practices. Cryopeak values working directly with local First Nations to listen to their concerns and understand their perspective. For every project Cryopeak seeks to build mutual beneficial relationship with First Nations and develop opportunities for the nation and individual members.

Our History

Cryopeak was founded in 2012 in British Columbia. The company’s business model has been developed to focus on supporting the customer. Since being founded the Company has grown with a focus on improving the services we provide.