LNG Supply

natural gas vs. lngPurchasing LNG can include sophisticated contracts with nuances that will affect your bottom line.

Cryopeak’s team of commercial experts have years of experiences in negotiating LNG contracts all over the world. Quality of LNG is important. What one customer deems as a high quality LNG product another customer could assess the same LNG as lower quality for their needs. Methods of contractual measurement is another critical aspect that requires understanding in both procurement of natural gas and liquefaction services.

Call us today to gain clarity on your LNG purchases. Even better have us buy it for you. We will enable the simplicity, clarity and savings that you expect from a fuel contract.

LNG Transportation

cryopeak - lng transportationTransportation of LNG can be a significant portion of your landed cost of LNG price. Optimization in LNG transportation is Cryopeak’s speciality and can help you and your company save money.

Cryopeak is customer centric and takes a refreshing view of how to enable and deliver value.

On the transportation side this translates into sourcing the right equipment for your region, implementing the right monitoring tools to enable appropriate deliveries and understanding how to load and unload the most amount of product possible to enable an optimized payload and per unit delivery.

LNG Equipment

LNG equipment - CryopeakWe are experts in developing the right equipment for your needs. We have built systems to operate in -50 °C in addition to warm clients. We’ve traveled around the world to choose our key suppliers that fit perfectly for your region and to enable your project. Your project will benefit from Cryopeak’s unique experience in building and operating LNG equipment. Every bit of knowledge that we’ve learned over the years from operating equipment is continually added to our current design of LNG equipment.

Cryopeak develops creative strategies to lower your capital cost and enable robust LNG systems. Call us now for a quote on equipment for your application.

Operation of LNG Equipment

Cryopeak is ISO 9001 certified by ABS and employs a Quality Management System to ensure operation excellence is achieved. Our systems support a culture of operational competence, safety and environmental leadership. Cryopeak implements policies, tools and procedures to support an operationally robust culture focused on safety and environmental performance.

Cryopeak is a member of the Z276 LNG technical committee. We know LNG, we know operations and we know how important your fuel supply is! Let our well trained technicians enable your business!


Cryopeak works to further develop LNG bunkering assets and infrastructure in Western Canada so as to allow marine shipping companies to secure a lower cost fuel and concurrently help customers meet regulatory requirements. With our team of naval experts and related assets, we provide safe and efficient solutions for customers who are looking to bunker their ships using LNG.

Cryopeak is focused on providing customers a lower cost and more environmentally sustainable fuel source.