LNG for Mine Power

LNG for Mine Power
Location:Northwest Canada
Temp Range: -50 °C to 25 °C
Description: This regional gas supply is for a remote mine application in Canada’s cold northwest. Cryopeak’s LNG is used as the primary fuel source for power generation for the entire site. LNG transportation for this operation includes a round trip of over 1800km and up a remote steep access road. Cryopeak’s operations are proven in Canada’s harshest environments as attested to in this project.

LNG To Displace Diesel

LNG to displace diesel
Location:Western Canada
Temp Range:-30 °C to 25 °C
Description:This regional gas supply is for power generation for a remote community in Western Canada. Reliant on diesel this community is experiencing the benefit of using LNG to displace diesel.

LNG for Utility Pipeline

LNG for Utility Pipeline - Cryopeak
Location:Midwest Canada
Temp Range:20 °C
Description:This regional gas supply was for temporary gas supply for a gas distribution company. Cryopeak’s unique solution achieved pressures of 285 psi and flow rates of up to 150,000 scf/hr.

LNG for Processing Plant

LNG for processing plant
Location:Midwest Canada
Temp Range:-20 °C
Description:In the middle of winter a meat processing plant required emergency gas for their industrial processes as their supply line was interrupted, over one of the coldest weeks of the year. Cryopeak delivered a robust solution and ensured a gas supply which allowed the customer to save over $2million dollars worth of product.